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Two outstanding films, but not the subject of this article. For those of you who are professional graphic designers and artists, have you found that paper colors and types are harder to find?

Well, that’s been our struggle, as well. To name a few problems:

  • Discontinued colors , weights and textures
  • Dominance of color print vs color paper
  • Delay in getting paper
  • Increase in minimum quantities for one order


How to find discontinued or hard to get paper binocs

The news is not all bad! And, there are new paper finishes, textures, weights and colors being developed all the time!

Here are some techniques that we use:

  • Search the internet, but it’s hit or miss. Many sites aggregate, but do not validate sources
  • Request a search of printers nationwide. Some paper sits on the shelf for years, waiting for a buyer
  • Contact a seller’s pool of odd lots
  • Contact a paper mill directly. They can refer you to a dealer or printer

Another challenge is the “parent size” or full cartons only for some premium papers. Back in the day, standard sizes of 8.5” x 11” or 11”x 17” were available off the shelf. Not anymore. The market and costs have changed, so that sellers offer only large sheets, to be cut (by you!) to the size needed or will sell a quantity that is profitable.

New Papers

So what’s hot in paper? Here are a few, including old favorites, that are back in style:


Sorry, but we can’t show you the touchy-feely designs on a screen. But we do have samples for you. Paper cut in unusual ways, such as door-hangers, are a product line we carry.

For a catalog of cut paper types, visit our supplier, Blanks USA

So, maybe we can help find that treasured paper for you. Or, try something new and exciting.


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I mean that in a good way. The National Print Owners Association (NPOA) is a fairly new group consisting of industry veterans and leaders. NPOA

Our annual conference, meeting and trade show is the premier event in our industry for small and mid-size print and print related companies.

The theme this year? Pirates!

Among the themed items were…………

  • Personalized give-a-ways

  • Treasure maps and free eye-patch

  • Photo ops with speaker/celebrities

  • Promotional items and prizes


And, at the kickoff reception, we were “attacked” by a “pirate” who offered a ditty, customized for our industry.

Was this necessary? Sure, comic relief definitely has a place.

But, the real value of a conference is its personal and organizational benefits.

Do you plan, manage sponsor or attend meetings or conferences? Then, you will appreciate this.

Positives of this conference were:

  • Exceptional organization

  • Registration was fast and efficient

  • Conference materials were complete and easy to access

  • All seminars began and ended exactly on time

  • The presenters and subjects were just as described in advance

  • Breaks were brief but allowed time for networking

  • Every program and speaker had something of value to share or instruct

  • The vendors and sponsors were industry-relevant and accessible


Since there was so much content compressed into 2.5 days, the pirate theme was a welcome distraction. There is basis in fact for this approach, suggested by Meetings and Conventions:

 “A majority of meeting professionals agree that a theme enhances special events. In fact, 71 percent of those polled recently by M&C generally theme their major conferences and meetings. They find inspiration from many sources, including colleagues and media. Many recounted their favorite theme ideas; see the resulting feature Planner’s Favorite Event Themes”



So, I really don’t mind being attacked by a pirate…. if it leads to a memorable, productive and even a fun conference!

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      The US Postal Service announced the theme of “IRRESISTIBLE MAIL” emphasizing textured print and paper and the use of QR codes. QR codes are everywhere and scannable by your smart phone to go to a website, price comparisons and the like. The piece shown here goes straight to a YouTube video, first person downhill skiing.

I like it! Contact me if you would like to see the brochure.



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Spring Fever: A Forgotten Love

Last year, at an art exhibit focusing on Iceland (“Due North”), held in, naturally, a converted icehouse in Philadelphia, I followed an old staircase down to the basement. At the end of a hallway there was a workshop that is part craft, part hobby, part business: Second State Press. Under the motto “Make More Prints!” young people keep the art of ink on paper going strong.
I walked around the presses, the stone plate-making, the silk-screening, the cutting and work tables. What may be considered monotonous drudgery for some is now a creative delight for a young generation.

Walking down the hallway, the samples of WallArtPhillyShowprint caught my eye.


I had forgotten the richness of print
I had forgotten the intensity of color under reflected light
I had forgotten the depth and beauty of ink on a textured paper
I had forgotten the striking effect print produces
I had forgotten the feel and scent of a printed page
I had forgotten the romantic side of the printing craft: using images to convince, to inspire or to inform by triggering emotions and a call to action.


amoreI had forgotten the pride in work that is so often missing or unsung in our industry.


It was a delight to be here.∼



Illumination or Reflection? Screens vs. Paper

Many of us endure a daily barrage of images from screens: TV, neon, smartphones, tablets, monitors, and more.





These use light transmitted from behind to project the image.

     Ink on paper is entirely reflective, depending on the external light source.

Flower in Relief, paper

Whether linen paper, a billboard or a label on a Budweiser bottle, the image is tangible and changeable by shadow or movement.

So, digital images are fine, fast and forward-moving; but I’ll never let go of the sensory advantages of print on paper. Others, I’m sure, agree. Last year Amazon. com reported a massive decrease in e-book sales and a surge in print book orders. My point exactly.

Thanks for reading.