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Two outstanding films, but not the subject of this article. For those of you who are professional graphic designers and artists, have you found that paper colors and types are harder to find?

Well, that’s been our struggle, as well. To name a few problems:

  • Discontinued colors , weights and textures
  • Dominance of color print vs color paper
  • Delay in getting paper
  • Increase in minimum quantities for one order


How to find discontinued or hard to get paper binocs

The news is not all bad! And, there are new paper finishes, textures, weights and colors being developed all the time!

Here are some techniques that we use:

  • Search the internet, but it’s hit or miss. Many sites aggregate, but do not validate sources
  • Request a search of printers nationwide. Some paper sits on the shelf for years, waiting for a buyer
  • Contact a seller’s pool of odd lots
  • Contact a paper mill directly. They can refer you to a dealer or printer

Another challenge is the “parent size” or full cartons only for some premium papers. Back in the day, standard sizes of 8.5” x 11” or 11”x 17” were available off the shelf. Not anymore. The market and costs have changed, so that sellers offer only large sheets, to be cut (by you!) to the size needed or will sell a quantity that is profitable.

New Papers

So what’s hot in paper? Here are a few, including old favorites, that are back in style:


Sorry, but we can’t show you the touchy-feely designs on a screen. But we do have samples for you. Paper cut in unusual ways, such as door-hangers, are a product line we carry.

For a catalog of cut paper types, visit our supplier, Blanks USA

So, maybe we can help find that treasured paper for you. Or, try something new and exciting.



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