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I mean that in a good way. The National Print Owners Association (NPOA) is a fairly new group consisting of industry veterans and leaders. NPOA

Our annual conference, meeting and trade show is the premier event in our industry for small and mid-size print and print related companies.

The theme this year? Pirates!

Among the themed items were…………

  • Personalized give-a-ways

  • Treasure maps and free eye-patch

  • Photo ops with speaker/celebrities

  • Promotional items and prizes


And, at the kickoff reception, we were “attacked” by a “pirate” who offered a ditty, customized for our industry.

Was this necessary? Sure, comic relief definitely has a place.

But, the real value of a conference is its personal and organizational benefits.

Do you plan, manage sponsor or attend meetings or conferences? Then, you will appreciate this.

Positives of this conference were:

  • Exceptional organization

  • Registration was fast and efficient

  • Conference materials were complete and easy to access

  • All seminars began and ended exactly on time

  • The presenters and subjects were just as described in advance

  • Breaks were brief but allowed time for networking

  • Every program and speaker had something of value to share or instruct

  • The vendors and sponsors were industry-relevant and accessible


Since there was so much content compressed into 2.5 days, the pirate theme was a welcome distraction. There is basis in fact for this approach, suggested by Meetings and Conventions:

 “A majority of meeting professionals agree that a theme enhances special events. In fact, 71 percent of those polled recently by M&C generally theme their major conferences and meetings. They find inspiration from many sources, including colleagues and media. Many recounted their favorite theme ideas; see the resulting feature Planner’s Favorite Event Themes”



So, I really don’t mind being attacked by a pirate…. if it leads to a memorable, productive and even a fun conference!


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