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Political Printing: Hurry Up and Wait!

The campaign season is upon us. This year, in New Jersey, there will be many legislative contests, energized by the race for Office of the Governor. From our 30 years’ experience with all types of printing for political purposes, we’ve come up with a few brief, to-the-point, pieces of advice for preparing  your, or your candidates’ next campaign.

Here they are:


Stake your claim on a slogan, theme, logo and color scheme right away. If photos are part of that, have them done professionally. Experiment with different sizes and media to make sure they work just as well in e-mail as on a billboard.

First Strike.paperboy

Since you have established your approach, be the first to let the voters know you are in the race!  Envelopes, letterhead, door hangers, postcards, should all be lined up, ready for your message.

First out of the gate might be EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). Introductory video, showing comparative media is here.

YouTube Video


Sure, you can solicit contributions on a website or through a Facebook page or with e-mail, but direct mail with a reply envelope is still the most effective method, and much more secure with no fee load. Ask Dave about campaign mailing.



As the campaign evolves, so does your message. But, your logo, color scheme and other identity basics should not.

Filter and Clean.cleanbucket

Don’t waste your limited campaign money on bad addresses! Your mailing list should be scrubbed, de-duped (eliminate doubles) and checked with the NCOA. USPS Info Page

Follow the Rules.

legalguy   If your direct mail requires disclaimers, include them only after legal vetting. The opposition is reading your fine print! NJ ELEC Rules  Legal Resources, NJ

Facebook it.68051_10151509108346729_1731694342_a

Your message and communication must be present in the social media. Include your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn connections on all printed materials, even if it simply connects the clicker to your website. Should you choose not to use a social media platform, you should at least stake a claim there and MONITOR any activity. Respond promptly to legitimate inquiries or complaints. Ask us about a social media campaign, And, here’s some sound advice: Lying, Cheating No Good Crook!!

Follow Through.

tunnel Save some energy, funds and time for the last push in the campaign. Have envelopes, mailing lists, and a crew ready to go.

Final Recognition.

     Win or lose, there are many people to thank. Have a way to do that…. letters, postcards, phone calls or whatever conveys sincerity….. and you will be banking good will!

Low angle view of two business executives shaking hands

Of course, you’ll need more than a few pointers to run a successful campaign. There are a million or so bits of advice we can offer along with recommendations for professional fund-raisers and managers. So, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading.



Feel free to e-mail me for more help. Or, get things going by consulting with Dean, our wizard of design.


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