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My Top Thirteen Info-Sources. Are They All Good?

photo (13)

The daily avalanche of news and comment.

I try to stay informed, don’t you? Here is what I look at every day. What should I add or delete?


New York Times, digital edition. And, print editions, Saturday and Sunday. Why? I like the quality of the writing and getting the full story; outstanding source of world and regional news. Oh, and the headlines usually do not scream: Panic Now!

NJ.Com.  NJ.comThe Times of Trenton, and the daily print edition. Why? A good source for local and State news. b1ef2cf5-4d63-44d0-a1f2-8f9847aec502Why? NJ political news and an amusing forum for all things political in NJ. Goes deeper into a political story than mainstream media. Important for us to know since we do political printing.

Facebook. Why? More than one billion people are on facebook and most of my 68051_10151509108346729_1731694342_acustomers and vendors have a business presence. I log on for some social time but also to see what others in the business world are doing.


LinkedIn. Why? Increasing and sustaining business relationships is so important. I can track career moves, new opportunities and, of course, communicate.

4235924_ir0113_cover Why? My personal interest. A small nation’s perspective on the world events, in English.


Twitter. Why? When there is no time, Twitter boils down the news to 140 characters, fed from the sources I have listed above. To balance the normally bleak news, I get regular, funny tweets from Jim Gaffigan.     412HVXj7P2L._SX500_


National Weather Service. Why? The cold and rain slows our walk-in business. The wind makes it difficult to deliver fragile posters. Why? This is a world-wide, e-mail subscription service for owners of POL_headerprinting companies only. We share information, purchasing advice, pricing strategies, problem-solving and industry trends. Often heated discussions of graphic design, direct mail options, new binding techniques, signs and poster production and all the other fun stuff that we do.

Client websites. Why? We monitor our client websites. Sometimes they just don’t work, become horribly outdated or just need some TLC. Also, a good source of client news, staff changes, new services and so on.

ColorQuora. Why? Ask and answer today’s pressing questions. Fairly serious-minded and well written.

 EnviroPolitics Blog. Why? Brief, to the point and well-written articles concerning issues of importance to all of us.


Blogrank. Why? Top 100 blogs, indicating trends and popularity. I don’t think this blog is in the top 100 yet, but maybe…someday.

Thanks for reading.

Best for the New Year.



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