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Going Postal: 5 Ways to Make Sure your Mail Does Not Bounce

You Have Mail!

Many don’t like snail mail because it’s slow, bureaucratic, complicated, expensive, time consuming and old fashioned. Many continue to use snail mail because it is effective, reliable, legal, hack-proof, portable and attention-getting. Whatever your view is, here are steps to avoiding bounces:

– Weigh and measure. This is a simple guide available from Capitol Copy or the main post office. Use the rule of 10: bundle ten identical pieces to be mailed, weigh them and divide by ten. This is a quick way to get an accurate reading.

–        Visit. Obvious but reliable: Take your mail piece to the Post Office, ask them to weigh it and price it different ways. West Trenton post office in Ewing and the main distribution facility on Route 130 in Hamilton are recommended.  Directions here

–        Web. Go to US Postal Service website and search for answers.

–        Look. Examine mail you have received, even bulk mail. How much postage was on it? What type of paper was used? What is the exact size? Are there sealing tabs on it? If so, how many? Was the piece mangled or damaged in any way?

Standard. Use standard sizes, paper and weight. Capitol Copy Service can help you with that.

Happy Mailing!



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