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Staying out of jail with your new logo

Arctic Tern

How Capitol Copy developed a new, original logo with no copyright issues. (So far!)

There as many logos, mascots, and branded images as there are drops of water in the ocean. So, how do you come up with a unique one that no one will claim as theirs and sue you for copyright damages?

Well, here are some tips on how Capitol Copy did it:

  1. Choose a suitable, easy-to-remember image. Animals are very popular.

We selected the arctic tern because of its reputation as a “globe-trotter”. Each year it flies more than 20,000 miles (wow!) in normal migration. It is an agile and graceful bird.

  1. The color scheme is important for print and screen uses. The tern’s basic colors are: black, white, gray and reddish-orange.
  2. Consider the source. My wife is a birder and wildlife photographer and was willing to contribute some of her slides of the tern.
  3. Modify, improve and adapt. Dean, our wizard of design, took the photo images, outlined them by hand, scanned the new image and imported into Photoshop. He added color, then developed several versions and sizes for multiple uses.

So, now we have original artwork. What next?

It’s on to registering the trademark bird.

Flying tern

See you next time. Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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