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How Do I Lay Out a Booklet for Printing?

We are asked this questions many, many times. The short answer? Let us do it for you.

If you’d rather do it yourself, here’s how:

–        For a booklet that is “saddle-stitched” (that is, stapled in the center), the pages must be divisible by 4.

One sheet of paper, when folded in half, will give you 4 numbered pages.

“That’s easy!” you say, but what if my booklet, program or ad book is 63 numbered pages?

Answer: 63 numbered pages divided by four will require 15.75 sheets, which must be rounded up to 16 sheets. This means you will have one blank page.

“Well, what do I do with blank pages? How can that be fixed?” you may ask. Here are some suggestions:

  •       Create an additional page, entitled “Notes” or “Thanks” or “Visit Our Website”
  •       Combine pages to lessen the number of sheets
  •       Print on the inside or outside back cover
  •       Reduce the number of sheets and add a loose insert page (not recommended)

There are many other options we can assist you with. We believe that printing of a booklet should be the stress-free conclusion to your project, not a math test!

Keep this book nearby, it has cured many headaches!

Buy this book.



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