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You Work in Trenton? How Horrible!

I’ve heard that comment too many times over the past forty years. But, we’re still here. Maybe I can explain why Capitol Copy is in Trenton.  And describe us to those of you who have no idea where we are.

Dean and Reggie chat about map.

The negatives:

Well, the news media have that covered fairly well. But, be aware that this is a small city (7.5 square miles), dominated by government: Federal, State, County and City offices occupy a huge chunk of real estate here. Not really negative, just a definition.

The positives:

–        Most of our Trenton customers can and do walk here. No car or bus needed.

–        There are five major banks within two blocks.

–        There are two colleges downtown—Thomas Edison State College and Mercer County Community College, both bustle with activity year-round.

–        A world of choices for places to have lunch—beer and a burger; a four course Italian feast; Chinese, Greek, Soul food, and several deli’s, including my favorite, the Downtown Deli

–        A small but well-known art, history and culture groove—Artworks, Trenton Historical Society, Passage Theater , to name a few.

–        Neat places to visit—the Old Barracks, Planetarium, State Museum, Trent House and dozens of others.

–        A group of people who think great thoughts, (we’ve been told) “think tanks”, lobbyists, associations, researchers, and attorneys.

Sure, there are challenges as in any city; traffic and parking, to name the most annoying. But, traffic means people and business and jobs and that can’t be all bad.

Thomas Edison State College, West State Street, Trenton

Still not convinced? Well, here’s a comment from Joe Guzzardo, Communications Director at Thomas Edison State College , who also has a rosy view of our State’s capital city:

You get to work in a place that is home to some of the most important history in the world, and especially our country.  It is an honor to walk on the same streets that George Washington did and see every day the Old Barracks, the place where the Continental Army changed the direction of the American Revolution. It is a privilege to work in a true landmark building, which was designed by the father of the American skyscraper, Cass Gilbert. It is exciting to work on perhaps the most interesting street in New Jersey, where every day is a new debate, protest or rally.” Well said.

Here’s a scene from today’s rally. And some more commentary……

State House Rally, May 14

Adding to the mix is an observation from the new Executive Director of the Trenton Downtown Association, Christian Martin: “Trenton is connected to all the major centers of commerce on the east coast, and has a good transportation infrastructure.” Yeah, you are spot on with that. We just needed to be reminded!

Sometimes our location is really irrelevant for us to do business. Many of you have been ordering from us through our website for more than twelve years and have never visited us. You receive your poster, business cards, program booklets and other printed products by courier, UPS, Fedex, or US mail, anywhere in the world.

And, lastly, even though it is great to do business face-to-face, it can’t always be that way. Your website is maintained by us and remotely updated, your e-mail campaign is designed and sent online and we get to know each other only through the social media. Like our blog.

Well, our door is always open to visitors. And there really is parking here. Map it!



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