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Trends in Graphic Design and Is There a Full Moon?

Printing and copying is sooo boring. But not if it carries some dynamite design!

We see it every day from people big and small, rich and poor, talented and not-so-talented. Through Dean’s (graphic artist and designer extraordinaire, in my opinion*) keen eye, there are a number of trends screaming for attention. Here is what many of you favor–

  •   Print on gloss paper, almost to mirror quality
  •   Full color and images. Black and white is so last century, unless you are using for a special effect
  •  Design everything for two worlds: print and web
  •  Interactivity: both online forms and print/mail/fax versions are a must these days

And, the trends that should be sent to the recycling bin—

      • Texting ain’t writing. For business-like communication, it is not good 2 use txts. Fun to read but hard to edit and proofread.
      • Designing with cheap software. Good design will shine no matter what, but give it the platform it deserves!
      • No planning. Since your design goes through so many stages and processes, there must be some lead time to tweak and de-bug. It is a long road— design to proof to print to mail to email to website to facebook. And the road is not paved!

Is there a full moon? It seems every time there is, some strange requests walk in our front door. Not good or bad, just weird. Like “can I get business cards printed for my dog?” Or, “I need a menu printed for my new mobile salad bar business.” Another visitor complained: “your free note pads are too big.”

Well, I have no solid research to base this on, but our friends at Peruzzi Nissan and Niece Lumber agree that the full moon has an effect on customer behavior. Not good or bad, just weird.

Dean (left) consults with Dave on the Trenton Downtown Map and Guide

*Dean, Art Director at Capitol Copy Service for more than 14 years.


Dean’s favorite (web) places – istock photo, avery templates, and google images.


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