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Hey! Where are we going? Two views

Hey, where are we going?

From time-to-time, it’s good to step back and analyze the trends in the print-copy-design world and how it affects us and you. So, I interviewed one of our vendors, Rich Weise of Xerographic Document Solutions. ( His take on trends? They are:

  • “The feature in demand on new machines is all about scanning, since faxing has become nearly obsolete.” Rich says. That fits with our view as well. People and businesses are looking to convert paper doc’s to digital for better space and time management. There is still solid value in paper, however and certain paper documents must be saved for years.
  • From an economic standpoint, Rich sees a difficulty with start-ups. They are struggling with arranging a lease so other financing tools are used.
  • Copy-scanners today trend to color, are far more efficient than older models and the cost-per-image has come way down.
  • Business is good, over the past 12 months. We agree and hope that trend continues!

Our primary paper supplier, Lindenmeyer Munroe, ( offered some insights on where the world of paper is going. Fran Carbin, company sales rep, described some real trends:

  • Changes in size of paper ordered—meaning that machines are putting many images on one sheet to save time, reduce waste and, therefore, save money. The basic size a decade ago was 8.5 x 11 and now may be up to 14”x20!”
  • There has been a huge increase in demand for “coated” papers, that is, glossy, matte and similar finishes.
  • Heavy? Yes, the demand for thicker paper is also a recent trend. People like the feel of a piece of paper with body.
  • Imported paper is usually in low-end grades. The domestic papers, such as Mohawk in New York and Neenah in Wisconsin, are still the leaders in the field of quality paper.

What’s your view on these trends?

Next week—trends in graphic design.


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